Project 52, Complete!

Well, I wasn’t perfect… I missed weeks of posting updated photographs BUT I did take them! And I do in fact have 52 photographs of my wonderful boy growing up over the past year. I do intend to continue the project next year, hopefully this time keeping on top of my posts. I also want to get the old digital camera out a bit more rather than just mobile snapshots. To view the entire project I have created a category page here.



Soo, I’m a BzzAgent!

“A what?!?”, I hear you say. Haha, let me explain. A few weeks back I was searching on the internet for some inspiration for Christmas presents and I came across a few reviews saying that they had received these items for FREE just so that they could review them! Amazing I thought, I want me some of that! I love free things (who doesn’t?!) and I generally talk all day long about anything and everything be that on-line or in person.

So after a few google searches I found that all of these people with free stuff were BzzAgents, where basically you sign in, fill in some surveys and then they invite you to campaigns that they think you would be well suited to. A day or so after signing up I was invited to join the Tesco’s Finest Range Campaign… even better was that they wanted me to review CHOCOLATE! They couldn’t have got it more right. Me, Chocolate, free?! Yes please! Soo seeing as I got to try these beauty’s for free I thought I’d let you know (ahem brag..) about the Tesco’s finest Ecuadorian Chocolate Range.

First off, isn’t it pretty? I love the design and packaging, it felt really luxurious and it almost (very, nearly) stopped me from tearing it open.  The packaging is designed so that you can close it back up to keep some for later, but let’s be honest, that’s never going to happen. Inside you find the chocolate sealed in foil, which I also just ripped apart.  I started off with the Milk chocolate as that is my favourite, overall I was really impressed. Quite slim pieces of chocolate that just melt in your mouth. I also had help from Jack to taste test and he gave his thumbs up. We then moved onto the dark chocolate which neither of us particularly like BUT I must state that I am not a fan of dark chocolate in general. Out of all the dark chocolates I have tried I think this is one of the nicer ones but it does leave an odd aftertaste, I don’t know if this is the hints of green tea coming through or if I just don’t like it. Overall I would rate the chocolates 4 out of 5 stars.

Excuse the tired shot of us both, little man wasn't well so decided to cheer him up with some chocolate.

Excuse the tired shot of us both, little man wasn’t well so decided to cheer him up with some chocolate.

*Please note as I have previously mentioned I received these products for free to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

A Family Outing…

Sadly, as a family we don’t get to spend many days out together. I have work, the Mr has work and rugby and the little man has his own busy lifestyle too. Luckily though the other day we found that we had the entire weekend as just the three of us! So we decided to make the most of it (and the dry weather) and head out for a bit of fun. The main part was entertaining the little man with something a bit different to his day-to-day routine. We headed over to the “Over Farm Market” to see all the lovely animals and see what they had to offer.

It was our first time at the Over Farm Market and I have to say we all really enjoyed. It was a fun day out for the three of us and even better it was free! Most of the ‘family’ outings these days nearly always cost something and well, money is tight at the moment as we are still doing up the house. We went wild at the Over Farm Market and spent 50p on some food for the animals, and £1.50 on a bit of chocolate fudge. A day out for £2! Amazing.

Jack really enjoyed feeding the animals, especially the goats as they followed us along to get some more food. It was also a day of firsts for myself as I had never seen water buffalo or ostrich before. My god the buffalo are HUGE. Very happy to see all of the pumpkins growing ready for Halloween, seeing as Jacks a bit older now he can appreciate it more.

Whilst we were there, they were in the process of putting up huge marquees in preparation for a their Halloween Festival, which I have heard are amazing. So we’re hoping to go again whilst the festival is on!